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Adventures in FRANCE in an RV

Well the first day in the CamperVan was interesting. Driving is a challenge when the 2 tonne vehicle which is wide and long, has the 6 gear stick shift on the right, the indicators on the left, is driven on the right hand side of the road and has the acceleration of a 20 tonne truck. Quite a bit different from my low to the road automatic two seater.

At least the GPS is talkative and helpful as long as the destination is clear. Not so much if you use the GPS coordinates provided in a book of Aires, which are free overnight stay locations for camper vans located all over France and provided by the local councils to encourage tourism in their area. You can purchase a book listing them all including the facilities they have and directions to get there including the GPS coordinates.

It is best to know the general direction of your travels when you jump into a 2 tonne juggernaght. We knew we were heading for the Alsace region of France but there was a temptation to drive the five or so kilometres to Germany to at least say we had travelled to that country.

We were on a mission though and the first destination in France beckoned.

The chatter from the GPS soon became secondary to the strident calls from Lee that the van was tooooo close to the side of the road; the parked cars; the sign posts that seemingly jump out at her as we approach; and approaching trucks and busses which create a windy buffeting that moves the van from side to side. Suffice to say the stop just 13 kilometres from our starting point was a relief.

We decided to do some shopping and stock the van to ensure we could survive a few days food wise. The van has a gas hot plate, hot water and shower so all manner of goodies were purchased but importantly some G&T was included. Gin and Tonic for those that do not know.

Felt like some right then - but best to be enjoyed during the evenings. Click the link to continue reading.

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My wife and I bravely set off in an RV with no particular plan to travel France and this is our adventure during April/May 2016.


I have just begun to chronicle my travel experiences. So to those readers who wish they could travel, to those that want to travel somewhere different, or to those that enjoy a break from what they do during the day enjoy these pages. I welcome feedback and questions.  

The adventure in FRANCE begins immediealty below. Please click through to the rest of the story


I visited China for the very first time in Oct 2015 and this is my impression.

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